E-Surety Brokerage, Inc. is a financial institution insurance brokerage firm founded in 1999.  Specializing in both retail and wholesale financial institution insurance and surety brokerage, we offer solutions to protect our client’s bottom line.  We continuously innovate insurance and surety products to fulfill the constantly changing economic and regulatory environment.

The two principals of E-Surety Brokerage, Inc. have more than 50 cumulative years of experience in the financial institution insurance and surety marketplace.  Extensive resources enable us to respond to a wide range of exposures.  With the recent addition of a consultant with over 30 years experience as a risk and insurance manager at a major New York financial institution, our products and knowledge have increased tremendously.

If you or your local agent or broker needs to look at alternatives for your insurance and/or surety program(s), please contact us.

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